[14.10] 🥖Fiora Handbook 📓 (Top / Mid) (+Match-up Guide) (2024)

Levels 1-3

I'd like to start off this section by saying that Fiora is strong into a lot of matchups early, solely based on her Duelist's Dance and Riposte so it is really good to abuse this in most matchups (refer to matchup chart above to see specifics). Ideally you will want early lane pressure by having a healthier wave, so that way when you hit lvl 2, you can push your aggression onto your opponent who will still be level 1. If you get this early momentum you can make your opponent submit the lane early. The downside is, that Junglers love to gank Fiora's so if you have early pressure, look to be ganked around the 3-minute mark. It is always good to remember that Fiora scales, but she is also good in the early game, so dont force plays that dont need to happen! Fiora is very acceptable to make mistakes and be punished heavily so try to not over step your boundaries. The first levels and minutes of the game set the standard for the rest of the game. This is your foundation, try to utilize the most of it!

Fiora usually wants to start Doran's Blade but can also take Doran's Shield if against a ranged match up. You can take corrupting potions into some matchups (malphite for example) if you plan on just farming the lane, as there isn't a high chance of killing. Personally, I either stick with Doran's Blade or Doran's Shield as the stats are much more beneficial as the game progresses, and corrupting is useless once you get life steal. Make sure you take the right starting item per match up, otherwise you might get poked out of the lane, and that foundation you've been trying to build will crumble!

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Levels 6+

As I mentioned above, Fiora is very matchup reliant so you need to know what to look for in each matchup, but there are a few concepts to think about. Your ult is REALLY strong and for the most part can stomp everyone in your lane. Grand Challenge does %health damage and true damage, so you can easily shred tanks, or anyone who stands in your path. If you have a lead in your lane, try to use your level advantage, and as soon as you hit 6, jump on them and try to finish them off before they hit 6. Your potential for pulling off a 1v2 scenario has also increased when you get your ultimate so if you are confident in your skills this can be pulled off.

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Split Pushing

Whether you are ahead or behind, you want to be looking to split push when there are upcoming objectives on the map and your teleport is available. For example, if dragon is coming up in a minute, and the top wave is close to your tier two turret, you will want to push that wave to about where the enemy tier 1 turret is, and stay visible. This will tell the enemy, that they either have to forfeit their top tier 2 turret, or commit 5 man to the dragon. In solo queue, people panic and don't make the right calls most of the time. Now say they commit 5 man, to dragon and your team needs you. This is why you have teleport. The best part about being a split pusher is that you gain solo exp and gold while applying pressure to the map to carry objective management.

Now, a common question is "Well if I'm fed, why wouldn't I just be in team fights instead of split pushing".
Good question little Bobby. The reason is, that you still have teleport "in most scenarios". So if your team decides to run it down, you still have the option of being there. BUT, if your team isn't complete apes, you can split push and if anyone comes to match you, you will dominate them. THIS MEANS that they will have to send 2 people after you. If you kill those two people, then they will have to send their whole team. Now, you guys might be thinking, "bUt IvE sEeN hIgH eLo PlAyErS gO iN tEaMfIgHtS." You're right, you can. Higher Elo people know how to use their lead in team fights properly especially when smurfing. BUT it is at risk of throwing your lead, as Fiora isn't the best at team fights, but we will dive into that right now.

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Team Fighting

There is no doubt that Fiora is better at split pushing than team fighting. She is best at Dueling people or a couple of people when ahead. That being said, there are points in wish you will be team fighting in your matches. A lot of people don't take the time to look at the enemy team and see how much CC they have. Most times than not, you don't want to be the first engagement. You want the team to begin, and you want to wait for the enemy team to use their stuns and slows. Then, it is most beneficial to hop in the backline and demolish all of the squishes (adc, supp, mid laner, or even jungler). If you need to flash q, that is fine, as killing all of these damage dealers, can most likely win the team fight for your team. ON THE OTHER HAND. If for example there is an engaging opponent who is really fed, and ults into your team, for example like sett, malphite, hecarim, galio, etc. You can ult them, kill them quickly and your heal will bring the rest of your team into the fight.
The best way to play around Fiora in team fights, is to focus the weak, create dueling scenarios where you arent being 5 maned, and play around your team.

[14.10] 🥖Fiora Handbook 📓 (Top / Mid) (+Match-up Guide) (11)

Tips & Tricks

[14.10] 🥖Fiora Handbook 📓 (Top / Mid) (+Match-up Guide) (12)

Fiora Q map

All of the locations marked in green are easily passable, while yellow and orange are much harder to Q through. There is almost no game where I am not dashing through walls to either engage on an opponent out of position or if I am trying to escape a team. Into the late game, your Q is on a really low cooldown, so you can zoom around the map using these locations.

Fiora Vital Mechanics

[14.10] 🥖Fiora Handbook 📓 (Top / Mid) (+Match-up Guide) (13)

It is simpler to use a compass to display how Fiora's vitals work Duelist's Dance . The first concept to understand, is that there are a total of 4 possible vitals, and they are broken into 2 sections. One section is grouped with N and E on the image above, and the second section is grouped with W and S. This means, that if there is a vital on W, there is no way that a vital will apear on S. This works vice versa, where if there is a vital on N, there can not be a vital on E next. As of the most recent patch, Fioras vitals will always start on the opposite side of you.So if you are starting on blue side, then the vitals will either start on N or E. If you are on red side, the vitals will start on W or S. Knowing this can help you to predict where to position yourself for the next vital. There is also a way of "forcing" vitals. This can be done by hitting a vital on a corner. For example, say there is a vital on E. If you were to hit that vital closer to the N side, then the next vital will appear on S. The vital goes towards the opposite side of where you hit, so the farther on the side of the vital, the farther the next vital will appear.

[14.10] 🥖Fiora Handbook 📓 (Top / Mid) (+Match-up Guide) (2024)


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