Is O Reilly stock a buy or sell? (2024)

Is O Reilly stock a buy or sell?

O Reilly Automotive stock has received a consensus rating of buy. The average rating score is Baa1 and is based on 30 buy ratings, 22 hold ratings, and 0 sell ratings. What was the 52-week low for O Reilly Automotive stock? The low in the last 52 weeks of O Reilly Automotive stock was 795.75.

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Is O Reilly a good stock to buy?

O Reilly Automotive Stock Forecast FAQ

The consensus among 12 Wall Street analysts covering (NASDAQ: ORLY) stock is to Strong Buy ORLY stock.

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What is Oreilly stock price forecast?

The average price target for O'Reilly Auto is $1,141.50. This is based on 12 Wall Streets Analysts 12-month price targets, issued in the past 3 months. The highest analyst price target is $1,250.00 ,the lowest forecast is $986.00.

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Is O Reilly Auto Parts a good investment?

The financial health and growth prospects of ORLY, demonstrate its potential to perform inline with the market. It currently has a Growth Score of C. Recent price changes and earnings estimate revisions indicate this would not be a good stock for momentum investors with a Momentum Score of F.

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What is O Reilly target price?

Average RecommendationOverweight
Average Target Price1,132.79
Number Of Ratings27
FY Report Date12/2024
Last Quarter's Earnings9.26
6 more rows

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Will O Reilly stock split?

O'Reilly Automotive Inc. announced May 24 that its board of directors declared a two-for-one stock split in the form of a 100 percent stock dividend to all shareholders of its common stock as of the close of business May 31.

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What is Oreillys stock price forecast for 2025?

Future price of the stock is predicted at 1669.8607539127$ (57.745% ) after a year according to our prediction system. This means that if you invested $100 now, your current investment may be worth 157.745$ on 2025 February 26, Wednesday.

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Does O Reilly have a dividend?

O'Reilly Auto (DE:OM6) does not pay a dividend.

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Who owns O Reilly stock?

The ownership structure of O'Reilly Auto (ORLY) stock is a mix of institutional, retail and individual investors. Approximately 66.68% of the company's stock is owned by Institutional Investors, 2.20% is owned by Insiders and 31.12% is owned by Public Companies and Individual Investors.

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How many shares does O Reilly have?

Number of shares outstanding as of March 2024 : 59,200,000

According to O'Reilly Automotive's latest financial reports and stock price the company's current number of shares outstanding is 59,200,000. At the end of 2023 the company had 59,200,000 shares outstanding.

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Why is O Reilly Auto stock so high?

With profit expected to grow by a double-digit 16% over the next couple of years, the outlook is positive for O'Reilly Automotive. It looks like higher cash flow is on the cards for the stock, which should feed into a higher share valuation.

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Who is O Reilly's competitor?

O'Reilly Auto Parts competitors include Transamerican Auto Parts, Genuine Parts Company, LKQ Corporation, AutoZone and Advance Auto Parts. O'Reilly Auto Parts ranks 1st in Employee Net Promoter Score on Comparably vs its competitors.

Is O Reilly stock a buy or sell? (2024)
What company did O Reilly Auto Parts buyout?

O'Reilly Automotive, Inc.'s purchase of CSK Auto Corporation continues the automotive aftermarket industry's trend of consolidation and makes the combined company the third largest national auto parts retailer in the country.

What is O Reilly annual sales?

O'Reilly Automotive annual revenue for 2023 was $15.812B, a 9.73% increase from 2022. O'Reilly Automotive annual revenue for 2022 was $14.41B, a 8.12% increase from 2021.

What's the price target?

The price target is based on assumptions about a security's future supply and demand, technical levels, and fundamentals. Different analysts and financial institutions use various valuation methods and take into account different economic conditions when deciding on a price target.

What is the target price for Autozone stock?

Based on analysts offering 12 month price targets for AZO in the last 3 months. The average price target is $3272.94 with a high estimate of $3505 and a low estimate of $3025.

Which stocks are expected to split in 2024?

These 3 Companies Can Be the Next Stock-Split Stocks in 2024
  • Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA): 4-for-1 split.
  • Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN): 20-for-1 split.
  • DexCom (NASDAQ: DXCM): 4-for-1 split.
  • Shopify (NYSE: SHOP): 10-for-1 split.
  • Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOGL)(NASDAQ: GOOG): 20-for-1 split.
  • Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA): 3-for-1 split.
Dec 29, 2023

How many times has O Reilly stock split?

O'Reilly Automotive stock (symbol: ORLY) underwent a total of 3 stock splits.

Should I buy before or after a stock split?

Does it matter to buy before or after a stock split? If you buy a stock before it splits, you'll pay more per share than what it'll cost after it splits. If you're looking to buy into a stock at a cheaper price, you may want to wait until after the stock split.

Will AutoZone stock go up?

AZO Stock 12 Months Forecast

Based on 21 Wall Street analysts offering 12 month price targets for AutoZone in the last 3 months. The average price target is $3,171.80 with a high forecast of $3,425.00 and a low forecast of $2,600.00. The average price target represents a 5.51% change from the last price of $3,006.02.

When did O Reilly go public?

The long range plans and stability of the company were solidified by a public offering of company stock in April 1993. Since that time, the Company has grown through the opening of new stores, as well as through numerous mergers and acquisitions, and currently operates stores in 42 states, including Alaska and Hawaii.

What will GM stock be worth in 5 years?

General Motors stock price stood at $39.53

According to the latest long-term forecast, General Motors price will hit $55 by the end of 2024 and then $60 by the end of 2025. General Motors will rise to $65 within the year of 2026, $70 in 2027, $80 in 2028, $95 in 2029, $100 in 2031 and $110 in 2033.

Why doesn t AutoZone pay dividends?

Does AutoZone pay dividends? No. As a growth company, AutoZone plans to reinvest in the company for the near term instead of offering dividend payments.

How often does MKC pay dividends?

McCormick & Company, Incorporated ( MKC ) pays dividends on a quarterly basis. McCormick & Company, Incorporated ( MKC ) has increased its dividends for 39 consecutive years.

How much dividend will I get?

When you know the number of shares of company stock you own and the company's DPS for the most recent recent time period, finding the approximate amount of dividends you will earn is easy. Simply use the formula D = DPS multiplied by S, where D = your dividends and S = the number of shares you own.

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