20 Wedding Champagne Wall Ideas We Love (2024)

If there's one celebratory drink that's absolutely synonymous with weddings, it's a flute of Champagne. While using the beloved beverage as the base for your signature co*cktail drink or encouraging guests to raise glasses of bubbly after a heartfelt toast are common ways to feature the drink at a wedding, it's not your only option. A Champagne wall—or an installation decorated with flutes of Champagne for your friends and family to grab and enjoy—is a unique décor feature guaranteed to delight your guests, and it's easy way to put the drink of the night on full display. They're often used as a way to provide attendees with welcome drinks or as part of an escort card display that leads guests to their seats. “Having a Champagne wall really elevates your wedding,” event planners Annie Rodriguez and Nikki Kraemer say. “Not only is it an incredible photo op, but it also serves a dual purpose in alleviating the bar line since guests can just grab a pre-poured Champagne glass.”

One of the best parts about having a wall of filled coupes or flutes at your wedding is that there's an endless number of ways to customize and decorate them. With different types of glassware, shelving, signage, drink tags, and add-ons, you can use these clever installations to further reinforce your aesthetic, personalize your event, and evoke the right ambience. For instance, all-black shelving and a neon sign is perfect for a modern celebration, while gold shelves trimmed with flowers are ideal for garden nuptials.

Wondering how to make a Champagne wall a part of your big day? Here, we share expert-approved tips to help you integrate the installation into your wedding, plus 20 stunning ideas guaranteed to inspire you.

Meet the Expert

Annie Rodriguez and Nikki Kraemer are co-owners of Fetelle Designs based in Southern California.

The Guide to Serving Champagne at Your Wedding

How to Include a Champagne Wall at Your Wedding

From the decorations to the location, there are many different elements to consider when designing a wedding Champagne wall. Here are a few must-know tips, according to the experts.

Think About Your Aesthetic

Every detail that you incorporate into your big day should reflect the celebration's overarching theme, and the same rings true for your Champagne wall. When selecting a design for your display, Rodriguez and Kraemer recommend considering how it will play into the day's look and feel. “Make sure the colors, fonts, and glassware all reflect the overall aesthetic of the wedding,” they note. “You ideally want your Champagne wall to flow with your aesthetic, not go against it.” For instance, gold shelving and crystal glassware work well for a glamorous ballroom soirée, but a greenery wall lined with colorful coupes is a better fit for a garden fête.

Make It Personal

A Champagne wall that supports your overall vision looks aesthetically pleasing, but adding a personal touch to its design will really up the ante. To make your display stand out, include aspects that represent your love story. “Some of our favorites are a fun, catchy phrase that the couple may say all the time as the signage on the wall, custom drink toppers for Champagne coupes with your pet on them, or a custom monogrammed drink tag attached to the side of the glass with your nicknames for each other on them,” they suggest.

Select a Suitable Location

While it’s important to consider the design of your wedding's Champagne wall, you also want to think about where it's being set up. Simply put, it needs to be positioned in the right location to make an impact. A display hidden in the back of the room won’t deliver the same experience as one that’s front and center. Whether you’re going to welcome guests to your ceremony or use glasses of bubbly to assign their seats, Rodriguez and Kraemer advise positioning your display in a noticeable place that suits the flow of the day. Additionally, the planners stress arranging your wall on a flat surface to prevent the flutes from falling over.If it can be in a temperature-controlled setting, even better: That'll ensure the bubbly remains cold in the time it takes for guests to grab a glass.

The Best Wedding Champagne Wall Ideas

Now that you know how to create a Champagne well for your wedding, you're probably eager to start thinking about what you'd like your own to look like. Here are some breathtaking ideas to inspire your own design.

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Plant a Garden

20 Wedding Champagne Wall Ideas We Love (1)

If your event has a garden-inspired theme, adding an abundance of blooms to your Champagne wall will properly communicate your vision. At this couple’s wedding on Long Island, New York, gold shelves were engulfed in pink and cream flowers with a hint of blue. Planted along a boxwood, the florals appeared as if they were growing out of the greenery wall. For another organic touch, you can also garnish each drink with an edible flower.

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Choose an Arched Design

20 Wedding Champagne Wall Ideas We Love (2)

While rectangular walls with angular edges are pretty standard choices, an arched design will modernize your display. This Champagne wall has all of the elements of a contemporary setup: clean lines, a monochromatic color palette, and a minimalist design. Fun wording, like “Sip and Be Seated,” and lucite accents make this escort card display especially chic.

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Make It Moody

20 Wedding Champagne Wall Ideas We Love (3)

For another modern alternative, an all-black structure delivers an unexpected edge. For moody weddings with dark color schemes, consider suspending your coupes from a black wall. Fresh flowers and a bright neon sign offer a striking contrast that make the hue more pronounced. This wall would be a suitable addition to an industrial venue with exposed brick walls.

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Flank Your Seating Chart

20 Wedding Champagne Wall Ideas We Love (4)

Instead of turning glasses of Champagne into escort cards, you can use them to supplement your seating chart. At this couple’s earthy Joshua Tree wedding, each guest found their table number on a gold plaque, which was bordered by two gold stands that featured coupes arranged on asymmetrical shelves. This alternative will still allow guests to grab a drink, but it offers more opportunities for couples to incorporate larger signage. Dripping in gold hues, this Champagne wall suits a glamorous aesthetic.

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Coordinate With the Landscape

20 Wedding Champagne Wall Ideas We Love (5)

To inform your design, draw inspiration from your venue. If you’re saying “I do” in the great outdoors, a greenery wall will blend seamlessly into your surroundings. An installation engulfed in verdant greens and lined with slabs of wood (like at this elegant Idaho wedding) will complement the scenery at backyard summer nuptials, garden affairs, or vineyard celebrations.

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Showcase Antique Furniture

20 Wedding Champagne Wall Ideas We Love (6)

If your aesthetic leans more vintage, channel old-world charm by transforming antique shelving into a modern-day Champagne wall. Integrating a family heirloom or thrifting a piece wall will not only reinforce your vision, but it will also serve as your “something old” for the day. Animate the item by placing a bed of flowers in one of the drawers and trimming the border with greenery.

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Add in Fun Signage

20 Wedding Champagne Wall Ideas We Love (7)

Your Champagne wall also presents countless opportunities to experiment with wording. When this couple held a Persian wedding in Cancun, the focal point of their escort card display was a sign that said, “Your Seat Awaits, Darling.” The warm, personable tone generated an inviting atmosphere, while the block letters and pink base created visual intrigue.

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Decorate With Baby’s Breath

20 Wedding Champagne Wall Ideas We Love (8)

Suitable for just about any type of wedding, baby’s breath is a go-to floral choice for many couples. Here, puffs of white blooms add a textured pop to an all-black Champagne wall, and the final result is perfect for modern or glamorous aesthetics. Pair those decorative elements white escort cards and white pillar candles for a color-coordinated look.

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Illuminate the Setup With Candles

20 Wedding Champagne Wall Ideas We Love (9)

It’s important to prioritize the decorations on your Champagne wall, but adding adornments to the base of your installation will give your display an even greater boost. This boxwood wall designed by Angela Marie Events looks stunning on its own, but the gold lanterns and floating candles placed at the bottom bring an ethereal, dreamy edge to receptions brimming with glitz and glamour.

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Distribute a Bottle

20 Wedding Champagne Wall Ideas We Love (10)

Giving your guests a glass of Champagne is a thoughtful gesture, but gifting them their very own bottle will definitely be well-received. This couple had mini bottles of bubbly double as escort cards and favors at their romantic Rhode Island wedding. Whenever your loved ones pop open the bubbly after the festivities, they’ll recall all of the wonderful memories from your special day. We love the gold geometric shelves and lush arrangements for summer weddings in a ballroom.

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Welcome Your Guests

20 Wedding Champagne Wall Ideas We Love (11)

A wall that houses Champagne escort cards is fun, but who says you have to wait until after vows are exchanged to treat your guests to a little bubbly? A pre-ceremony drink will warmly welcome your guests to the first phase of festivities and encourage the crowd to mix and mingle. Display a welcome sign with gold lettering and border the bottom with a hedge of roses, dried palm leaves, and grasses for a bohemian and tropical touch. Guests can swing by the installation on their way into your ceremony—talk about hospitality!

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Include Autumnal Accents

20 Wedding Champagne Wall Ideas We Love (12)

Are you throwing down in the fall? Nod to the season by integrating the hues and textures that are found in nature during this time of the year. A touch of dried palm leaves, pampas grass, and roses in orange, red, pink, and tan tones will complement an autumnal soirée. Plus, an all-white wall will call attention to the botanical touches.

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Top It Off With Floral Tags

20 Wedding Champagne Wall Ideas We Love (13)

If you want glasses of Champagne to serve as escort cards, think outside of the box with your tags. Round cards featuring pink floral illustrations suspended from a boxwood are ideal for garden affairs or any setting where flowers are the main decorative element, such as this modern coastal wedding in Rhode Island. After guests retrieved their bubbly, the greenery wall can be repurposed as a backdrop for photos.

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Focus on Glamour

20 Wedding Champagne Wall Ideas We Love (14)

Metallic hues and elaborate florals are the cornerstones of glamorous celebrations. If your vision is for a day of opulence, there's nothing better than arranging rows of Champagne flutes on gold shelves. White roses and greenery will also increase the romance factor.

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Incorporate a Bohemian Touch

20 Wedding Champagne Wall Ideas We Love (15)

For Champagne walls at bohemian bashes, look to organic textures and effortless designs to help execute your vision. This Rose + Sage installation designed by Lindsey Wise Designs includes printed vases with pampas grass and flowers by Luxe and Bloom that capture this aesthetic’s earthy vibe. Infuse a dreamy touch with a pink wall and play-on words, like “Drunk in Love.”

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Display Neon Signage

20 Wedding Champagne Wall Ideas We Love (16)

A neon sign is a trendy way to mark important parts of your big day. Illuminate your boozy installation with light-up words that say “Champagne,” like the above wall from Rachel J. Events. The glowing letters will draw guests in and wow them with a visually intriguing setup.

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Accentuate With Greenery

20 Wedding Champagne Wall Ideas We Love (17)

A Champagne wall doesn’t need over-the-top decorations to make an impression. A few strands of greenery will do the trick. Plus, these delicate decorative elements won't overshadow the luxe flutes. A wooden shelf embellished with verdant garlands will evoke an organic scene that’s fitting for outdoor functions, like at this traditional Mexican wedding in California.

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Integrate Lucite

20 Wedding Champagne Wall Ideas We Love (18)

With its translucent surface, lucite is a versatile material that adds a degree of contemporary elegance to any wedding theme. To bring this glass-like substance to your celebration, consider an acrylic sign with the words “Sip and Be Seated” and lucite drink stirrers (complete with each of your guest’s names) as escort cards. Paired with thick hedges of greenery and gold stands, this decorative element will produce a lavish look.

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Include Gold Stirrers

20 Wedding Champagne Wall Ideas We Love (19)

If you’re looking for another practical escort card iteration, try gold stirrers calligraphed with your guests’ names. The hint of shiny metal in lavish glassware will elicit a modern feel at your own nuptials. For a unique presentation that emphasizes height and dimension, place half of the glasses in divots and lay the other half on the brass shelves.

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Go for a Rustic Look

20 Wedding Champagne Wall Ideas We Love (20)

Champagne is often synonymous with upscale functions, but wooden shelves will make your setup more rustic and relaxed. These boozy escort cards were exhibited on a trellis-like shelving unit, adorned with flowers wrapped in ribbon, at this summer wedding on a California ranch.

20 Wedding Champagne Wall Ideas We Love (2024)


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